About David

Born and raised in England David spent most of his early childhood exploring the English countryside, rekindling bonfires in his parents backyard and attempting to dig to Australia.


When he was eight David was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Thanks to a lot of hard work, the dedication of his parents and the help of several outstanding teachers David graduated from school and successfully enrolled at the University of Portsmouth and Hochschule Darmstadt studying Graphic Design.


A prolific writer for most of his life, David started work on the “What Does” series in 2012 following an inspirational car journey with his son.


Now living in Canada, David is married to Helen and together they have two willing test subjects/children, Max and Freya.






Reviewed by Jane Finch for Readers’ Favorite

Written by David McArthur and illustrated by the author and Clara Spinassi, What Does A Bee Do? (The What Does Series, Volume 3) is a book ideally for pre-schoolers which looks at various insects and animals and, by a process of elimination, establishes exactly what a bee does. The simple story considers other everyday foods and looks at the type of animal or insect that might produce them, such as a cow and milk, and a hen and eggs. The story then looks at the role of other animals such as a dog guarding a home, or a cat catching mice. While looking for exactly what a bee does, the story tells the young reader what other animals do in a simple and straight-forward way.


The illustrations in this book are large, colourful and eye-catching for the young reader and will encourage discussion with a parent or guardian about the animal or insect shown and what they might do. As well as ultimately explaining what a bee does, the story will help a child to understand the role of other creatures, from putting milk on cereal to seeing a beautiful butterfly. This book is ideal for a parent to read with an early learner and it will have a variety of uses. The easy to understand language will also help to identify words and, as well as being an ideal book for the home, this would be useful in an early years environment such as playschool. The author, David McArthur, has written a gentle and interactive story that is sure to delight its young readers.


Jane Finch

Readers’ Favorite