About David

Born and raised in England David spent most of his early childhood exploring the English countryside, rekindling bonfires in his parents backyard and attempting to dig to Australia.


When he was eight David was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Thanks to a lot of hard work, the dedication of his parents and the help of several outstanding teachers David graduated from school and successfully enrolled at the University of Portsmouth and Hochschule Darmstadt studying Graphic Design.


A prolific writer for most of his life, David started work on the “What Does” series in 2012 following an inspirational car journey with his son.


Now living in Canada, David is married to Helen and together they have two willing test subjects/children, Max and Freya.






Trust me, your child will love these books!…

The What Does Series (children aged 2 – 7) is a collection of books written by David McArthur and illustrated by the author and Clara Spinassi. The series currently consists of three books:


  • What Does A Doctor Do?
  • What Does A Fairy Godmother Do? and
  • What Does A Bee Do?

Each book features a simple narrative and looks at different Careers / Fairy Tales / Animals and, by a process of elimination, establishes exactly what each book’s title character does. The narrative is supported by visually engaging and amusing illustrations which children love.


Although ideal for a parent to read alongside an early learner, the books are simple enough for children to read to themselves without adult guidance or actually being able to read the words. This helps children to develop their early word recognition and creates a sense of achievement in a child which leaves them feeling positive in their own reading abilities.


It is the self-discovery of the books that ties in so well with the Montessori teaching practises. After all child empowerment is one of the corner stones of Maria Montessori’s philosophies.


Recently we were fortunate to receive a visit from the author. He carried out several book readings in our pre-school and kindergarten classes. The children really enjoyed the experience and were captivated by the stories. They called out the answers even though they had never read the books before. We still have the books out on the shelf and the children continue to take them and read them by themselves. This series fits very nicely into the Montessori curriculum.


I would strongly recommend any parent or teacher to pick up a copy of these books. Trust me, your child will love you for it!


Megan St. John

EP / Kindergarten Teacher